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Matthew Sapp

          A Fort Worth native, Matthew started his legal career as an oil and gas attorney working for a large oil and gas firm in Houston, Texas. Since then he has represented large oil and gas conglomerates, major airline companies and international telecommunications companies.  Matthew brings the expertise and knowledge of a large firm but with the one-on-one approach of a small firm.  

          Matthew maintains his commitment to providing cost-efficient legal work that is comprehensive and efficient.  In addition to providing quality title research and opinions, Matthew also prepares and negotiates right of way and easement agreements with cities and municipalities across the United States on behalf of his clients.  Matthew also participates in and gives presentations to real estate investment groups and entrepreneurs.   

          During the course of his practice, Matthew noticed the need for solid estate planning that focuses on the needs of the individual. Part of his goal by forming Sapp & Sturgill, PLLC, is to provide clients with top notch estate planning that is tailored to the clients' needs. 

Michael Sturgill

         Michael began his legal career as an associate counsel for a Fort Worth based energy firm, researching and drafting oil and gas title and drafting title opinions.  He provided clients with necessary recommendations and counsel to prevent or cure various contractual, real estate and oil and gas issues. 

          While continuing to be of counsel to this energy firm, Michael began working for a litigation firm, primarily as a civil defense attorney with some plaintiff work.  In addition to gaining court room experience, he also negotiated on behalf of his clients and represented them through mediation and arbitration.  In 2012 his career took him into the telecommunications industry where he has provided major telecom carriers with counsel in regards to leasing, ownership rights, compliance and regulatory issues.  He has a hands on approach to helping his clients comply with federal, state and local requirements in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner.  

                 Mike lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his loving wife and three children. He is active in his local church as well as in his local Boy Scout Troop. 

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